A Small Step with a Giant Purpose

Product Description

The Rocking Foot Pedal

StepIt™ has a sturdy design made of a special plastic material. Its sole surface is made up of several rows of raised “bubbles” which will optimize the grip between the foot and the sole. If the pedal is used without a protecting shoe, the bubbles will have a slight stimulating effect on the foot.

The pedal is equipped with a special designed steel spring between the rocking cradle and the footing. The spring will provide for a light resistance when the pedal is being used.

Its hammerhead footing provides for a firm and well balanced support. The footing, facing the floor, has four (4) rubber pads to prevent slipping and/or scratching of the floor. A piece of Velcro is attached to the base for good grip between the pedal and the floor mat or the footrest.

The pedal comes in three (3) different colors. The base is light grey but you have a choice of three different colors on the sole:

The pedal folds up for easy storage and “travel”. It fits in a large pocket or purse. It weight 6 Oz.

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Grey Pedal Orange Pedal Turquoise Pedal
Grey Pedal
Orange Pedal
Turquoise Pedal
Turquoise with Box Orange Upsidedown Folded Orange Upsidedown Unfolded
Turquoise with Box
Orange Upsidedown Folded
Orange Upsidedown Unfolded
Orange with Fabric Pouch    
Orange with Fabric Pouch

Traveling and Storage Pouch

A handy fabric pouch for traveling and storage is available as an extra accessory. The pouch is made of soft fabric and has a tightening loop string at the opening.

Keeps the pedal clean and safe.

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Who can benefit from using StepIt™?
In general, anybody that is more or less immobilized and can not benefit from regular walking exercise....

Letter of gratitude from the Vice President of the United States
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StepIt™ Registration Food and Drug Administration
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