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StepIt™ - Developed to prevent Economy Class Syndrome*

StepIt™ was originally developed to increase blood circulation in lower legs and prevent Economy Class Syndrome aka Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) when traveling on long haul flights.*

It all started a few years ago when Professor Christer Busch, M.D, Ph. D. flew from Tokyo to Stockholm, Sweden. During this long flight, he experienced leg swelling, a very common problem known to occur when sitting inactive for many hours in a confined environment.

He decided to develop a device that would activate the calf muscle pump to stimulate and increase the extremely important blood circulation in the lower legs while seated or immobilized for any extended period of time.

What is Economy Class Syndrome?

Economy Class Syndrome occurs when a blood clot, or thrombus, develops usually in the lower leg between the ankle and the knee areas. Some clots may not cause any pain while others can be quite painful. If a clot is promptly diagnosed and treated, a life threatening situation can be avoided.

However, a blood clot that forms in the invisible "deep veins" can be an immediate threat to your life if it goes undetected. A clot that forms in the large deep vein, then breaks free and travel through the vein towards the heart is called an embolus. When an embolus travels from the leg and lodges in a lung artery, the condition is known as a "pulmonary embolism," or PE, a potentially fatal condition if not immediately diagnosed and treated.

Who is at risk for Economy Class Syndrome?

Who is at risk for Economy Class Syndrome?Economy Class Syndrome may happen in economy, business or first class seats during longer flights. Perhaps up to 5% of long haul passengers may be at risk to develop DVT during long haul flights.

Who is at risk? It depends on many factors such as the person’s general health, age, sex, weight, medication, pregnancy and the length of the flight. Dehydration makes the blood thicker and alcohol, tea or coffee all make it worse and blood clots more frequent.

Another factor may be the altitude. As the plane ascends, the pressure falls in the cabin so that by the time the plane is at its cruising altitude, the pressure in the cabin could be as low as if you were 8,000 feet up in the mountain. This has an additional affect on your body and blood clots formation.

What can I do to prevent the possible formation of a DVT?

The most important ways to prevent Economy Class Syndrome in flight are the following:

  • Use StepIt™ regularly during the flight. Use it every hour for at least 1 -2 minutes per leg.*
  • Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids before flight and during
  • Don't take sedatives to help you sleep during a flight
  • Make sure the seat is not pressing into the back of your legs and your feet can rest on the ground or on a foot rest
  • Don't cross feet when sitting
  • Avoid alcohol during flight

Can the pedal be brought on-board an airplane?

Yes, the pedal is made of plastic with a small steel spring.

We have repeatedly brought it onboard airplanes during traveling in USA, Europe and Asia and we have never been questioned. Further, we have never got any feed-back from other travelers regarding any problem to take it thorough any airport security control.


* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that StepIt™ will prevent blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT) or cure any other illness or symptoms.


What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?
Deep Vein Thrombosis, commonly referred as DVT, occurs with poor blood circulation and a blood clot.....

Economy Class Syndrome StepIt was originally developed to increase the blood circulation in the lower leg and prevent Economy Class....

Who can benefit from using StepIt™?
In general, anybody that is more or less immobilized and can not benefit from regular walking exercise....

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